tim mccarthyTim McCarthy
Partner and Senior Vice President, Operations

Mr. McCarthy manages the development, operations and financial aspects of Seawood’s products and services. Under his leadership, the superintendent team has optimized the firm’s construction functions and sequences of work to achieve maximum performance from workforce and equipment, and to meet production/revenue projections within budget.

Tim is directly involved in analyzing general economic, business, and financial conditions and their impact on the organization’s policies and operations. He oversees and monitors the purchasing of raw materials, equipment, machinery and supplies within the company.

Tim leads the team responsible for the day-to-day operations of each project and for managing the flow of information between client, project team, and subcontractors. He empowers field personnel by giving superintendents the ability to be autonomous - a page taken from kaizen philosophy as practiced broadly throughout Seawood.

Mr. McCarthy joined Seawood Builders in 1996 as a superintendent and assistant project manager. With more than 30 years of experience, one of Tim’s proudest achievements is having coordinated several highly-technical hospital construction projects that required maintaining a fully operating facility during major renovations.